Share Ownership

Ownership: 100 hours at a time!

B2 AVIATION has revolutionized the way share ownership works in today’s marketplace. We realize that there are advantages and disadvantages in the industry’s many product types. By combining all of the customer benefits into one program, we are able to offer the industry’s first truly hybrid platform at B2 AVIATION.

  • Fly your share using direct operating costs
  • Locked pricing
  • Guaranteed availability
  • Charter revenue goes back to owner
  • Flexibility to use smaller or larger aircraft based on trip needs

A unique feature to the B2 AVIATION program is that we cap our ownership to three or four customers per aircraft. This approach allows our customers to enjoy all the benefits of their own Pilatus PC-12 while guaranteeing access and lowering your costs.

Cost Structure


The Acquisition costs for the share owner will be based on the interest size relative to the total purchase price of the Pilatus PC-12.

Direct Operating Costs

When an owner uses their Pilatus, they will pay the hourly direct operating costs (DOC’s) for the aircraft. These DOC’s include fuel, equipment and maintenance.

Monthly Management Fee

B2 AVIATION will charge a monthly management fee based on an owner’s interest size. These fees can be paid annually or on a month to month basis and include costs for hangar, crew and insurance.

Guaranteed Availability

With 24 hour notice, your aircraft will be ready for any trip. Should you need your Pilatus on shorter notice, we will do everything to make your request a reality.

Allocated days are based on your interest size and begin at 60 days per year:

Share Size Allocated Days Est. # of Hours
 1/6  60  100 Hours
 1/3  120  200 Hours
 1/2  180  300 Hours
 2/3  240  400 Hours
 5/6  300  500 Hours
 100%  360  600 Hours

Contract Term

Five year contracts usually work out for the provider and not necessarily for the customer. For happy customers who enjoy favorable rates, this can be a real burden. At B2 AVIATION, our owners enjoy not having a deadline on their productivity tool. The contract will remain effective for as long as you see fit. When exiting the program, B2 AVIATION will be a powerful ally in reselling your interest in the market.

Offsetting Costs

When your aircraft is not in full use by you or your business, offering it for charter brings an important revenue option to offset the cost of ownership. Most corporate aircraft-maintenance programs are designed around 400 hours of annual flight time. If your personal or business flight totals only 200 hours a year, your maintenance expenses may still be the same as if the aircraft was operated full-time. By adding charter hours to the aircraft, your maintenance expenses could be cut in half. We will work closely with you to charter your aircraft as little or as much as you prefer.

A commonly overlooked advantage in choosing the right partner for your aircraft is the network that you will create by association. By offering your aircraft for charter in the Chicago area, you may meet other executives consistently traveling to the same destinations. This otherwise-difficult networking now becomes an important key to reducing travel costs by co-utilization.

At B2 AVIATION, we understand that every management program is different. By listening to your goals for aircraft ownership, we will align with your needs and build a long term relationship that mutually benefits both parties for years to com.

Please contact us at or call 847.80.PLANE to start the discussion about your goals.

On Demand Charter

Using on demand charter is an effective way to explore private travel or to supplement a unique travel need. Our goal is to ensure that your private travel experience will be head and shoulders above any competition. Our ability to be trustworthy, innovative and entirely focused on execution sets B2 AVIATION apart within the industry.

Pilatus PC-12

Now more than ever, our day to day lives are based on schedules rather than the experiences we crave with our loved ones. There are more demands on our time than ever before. The PC-12 is the most cost effective way to return to traveling with our families and maximizing our productivity while on the road for business. Use B2 AVIATION for your one-off flights and escape in the Pilatus PC-12.

Outside Fleet

By working with providers that share our philosophy, we are able to offer exceptionally appointed aircraft at very competitive rates while demanding the highest safety standard for our customers. We provide detailed information on the operators for each flight requested and intently tailor the flight to exceed your expectations.

To arrange for a personal tour of an aircraft or to discuss your upcoming travel, please contact us at or call 847.80.PLANE.


A whole aircraft management program should be as unique as the individual or company that owns the aircraft. By leveraging our partnership with J.A. Air Charter, we are able to extend tangible operational efficiencies in the areas of fuel, maintenance and hangar space to name a few.